05 December 2007

You inspire me, The Earlies.

The Earlies are a British band who would be aptly described as "Miscellaneous" music. That's the first time I agree with iTunes when they marked that down as the genre for these kids' music--because not everything is "Alternative & Punk" (hate when they do that).

Anyway, they're one of those bands to me where they did one ridiculously great song that I don't even give a damn about the rest of the CD, then after listening to that one song for the millionth time, you realize, hey, this whole damn album is brilliant. Not only that, but you realize the band itself is something to go "ga ga ga ga ga" about.

Maybe Brit Daniel and the other Spooners were listening The Earlies' 2005 debut album,These Were the Earlies, and came up with their 2007 LP name (see "Albums" sidebar). Eh.

The Earlies came out with an album this past April titled The Enemy Chorus--not bad from what I've heard. Check it out on Myspace.

Now to the track that brings me to near tears every time I hear it:


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