11 December 2007

David Sitek is like Jim O'Rourke.

Because what he has done for the Brooklyn scene in recent years is what O'Rourke continues to do for Chicago. I guess the obvious choice would be Steve Albini, but that's pushing it too far.

Anyway, whenever I see "Mixed by" or "Produced by" next to Jim O'Rourke's name on the back of an album, I know it's gonna be one helluva album, because O'Rourke only fucks with the best. And I'm starting to feel that way about Sitek. I should thank him greatly for bring TV on the Radio and Liars alone.

Now he's producing Scarlett Johansson's upcoming album! I know, crazy.

Another Sitek-produced band that is reaching up from under the radar is another NY-based band Dragons of Zynth, and when I listened to their album, I was quite impressed.

David Sitek, congratulations. You are officially approved.

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