12 December 2007

OK, Snoop, you got me.

I know I'm hella delayed on the "Sensual Seduction" bandwagon, but after I saw he was starring in his own reality TV show, I disregarded everything he did this year, including said video. But I was browsing through lists of best videos of this year and I stumbled across it again. Then we had a staring match, and fortunately for me, I caved in and clicked the oh-familiar triangle that symbolizes "Play." I say the fuck the video--that song is the jam.

Damn you, Snoop. I cannot resist your doggy style.

Speaking of jams, I will forever remember 50 Cent protégé Olivia for her 2006 hit "Best Friend." Oh, gah, if that wasn't my jam that year, I must've been deaf. I listened to that song constantly. Where is she? She was classy.

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