13 December 2007

Retraction: Kanye West is allright with me.

I pitched one on Kayne this year, man, especially since that whole bullshit with MTV and Extra or E! or ET, whatever the fuck that lame ass station was that caught him on tape bitching about several things. I actually did agree with some of it (Britney shouldn't have opened, when was the last time a black artist graced the stage during the opener, why did he have the small stage, etc.), but I still think that he shouldn't have let that get to him to the point of outrageous anger. But, then again, my way of handling things may be different, so who the hell am I to criticize him for it?

Anyway, so I clowned him, didn't g Graduation the time of day. Even wrote an entry about it in my old blog. I meant what I said that September day, but after a) listening to his album and b) getting over the silliness and realize that he still is bringing positivity to hip-hop, I realized I'm a grown ass woman and I should move on from my grudge. Hey, we all lose our cool. I've done it plenty of times back when I was the Old Me like Dre.

Graduation is definitely his best album to date. I'm really happy for him getting eight Grammy nominations. I really hate that he lost his mom; not only that, but I hate he lost his mom and every media outlet pushed so hard to make him crumble, how he's quiet now that he lost the No. 1 supporter of his career, how his mom had diabetes and should've done this and that before getting a cosmetic operation, yada yada yada. Fuck it--he lost his mom, bottom line. If anything, there should've been condolences given rather than people being all up in his business, showing tapes of him crying during "Hey Mama" in Paris (I couldn't even watch it, so I'll refrain from linking the video here).

Despite it all, it all goes back to his first single, "Stronger." He's a bad brother. You get props from me, homie.

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