06 December 2007

Ugly Betty is for (nerd-) lovers.

Image courtesy of ABC

If tonight's episode of Ugly Betty wasn't downright delicious, then I need to go to the doctor to get my taste buds checked out. That show has made me regret ever regretting being a straight-up nerd. I'm talking coming to grips with my thirty-minute space-out sessions, spewing out random facts that no one will ever think about but will always appreciate down the road when they want to prove they are knowledgeable about something to someone they're trying to impress, and other nerdly things that nerds like myself enjoy.

Other ABC popular shows like Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy focus too much on the "normal" people who are shallow and boring and annoying and lame and ridiculous and pathetic and--surprise, surprise--not too bright. Ugly Betty pokes fun of said kinds harshly and makes the nerds out to be the heroes. And it's a Latina--as Betty said once on the show, the only hero Mexicans ever had was a speedy little mouse. So true--dayum, guh!

They're really doing a tremendous job with the Betty-Henry relationship, too. It's such an organic relationship, the actual kind that should be on TV because it actually focuses on love and the meaning of it and the joy of it and the ugliness of it and the beauty of it--in short, the whole process of it. That really melts my heart.

I also like the fact that after Betty came back to Mode, she has been less involved with the drama and scandals going on there and has focused on her life solely. I also like how ambitious Wilhemina is to get that damn magazine of hers up and running. Seriously, planting a dead man's semen in your va-jay-jay? Is it really that serious? Damn.

In other news:

Henry (Christopher Gorham) is a hot. I'm not talking hot like, "Ohhhhhhhhhh, oweee, hot hot hot!" I'm talking, "Ohmigod if he walks by me my undies will literally melt through my skin and leave a permanent mark which will forever remind of the hotness that exists in his mere presence" hot. It's unfortunate that he doesn't get interviewed a lot. Or isn't shirtless with ice cream on his body in every scene.

I objectify men, what can I say. I'm OK with that. Do not judge me.

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