20 December 2007

In Retrospect: The United States of America, 1968.

Since I did an illustrated history on Broadcast, I felt the need to introduce the band that heavily influenced them. The United States of America was founded by Joseph Byrd in 1967, the year where everybody was doing a psychedelic album, or better known as the Year Where Everyone Caught On The Brilliance Of Psychedelic Music.

While most psychedelic bands like The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream were guitar-driven, USA were more focused on the electronic side of music with keyboards and synthesizers and organs and pianos. And in contrast to Grace Slick's angry, baritone vocals was USA's lead singer's Dorothy Moskowitz's airier, smoother vocals.

The result: One fantastic self-titled album released in 1968; then the USA faded into obscurity. until 2004 when the album was re-released on CD.

For a little taste, here they are on Myspace.

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