03 December 2007

Karen O, come back to me. Please.

What happened to her to make her not be totally awesome in last year's Show Your Bones? I was ultimately disappointed when I heard that mess. The band were still OK, but it was her I wasn't pleased with in the least sense.

Know what I blame it on? Her haircut. It was all gravy when she had the mushroom mullet and she was pouring beer on her tits and fellatin' the microphone, but once she got the little boy bowl cut, it all went down the tubes.

I know, I know, who the hell wants to be known as the girl who pours beer on her tits, spits beer on audience members and yell like a banshee and shit? No one. But boy, did she make it look and feel so delicious.

I will now honor her by delivering the two tracks that started her path to awesomeness:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bang!
Yeah yeah yeahs - Art Star

And the last song that makes me miss her:
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Whenever I Wake Up (though it's actually called "Hello Tomorrow"

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