19 December 2007

Covers: The Antlers vs. Broadcast

Twenty-one year-old New Yorker Pete Silberman, better known as The Antlers, has two things in common with me: his love for The Microphones and his love for Broadcast. I named my blog in honor of The Microphones, he did the whole plural name for a solo artist thing in honor of The Microphones (though Phil Elvrum isn't the first person to do that, but hey). I think Broadcast is brilliant, he covers songs from them. I am very impressed.

Tears In The Typing Pool (Broadcast cover).

Usually I don't post the original versions, but I can never pass up the opportunity to expose people to Broadcast:

This Silberman kid's actually pretty good, especially for a young'un who already has released five albums. You can get downloads here.

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