21 December 2007

Stereogum writes like they've never been around black people before.

I was never that into Stereogum, but I would still read the blog from time to time, but in this week alone, I've come to the conclusion that the writers at Stereogum must've had bad experiences with black people and are all secretly sour about it, but because being racist is frowned upon in the past six decades, they do what every other nervous white liberal does: have a disclaimer stating that they're, in fact, not racist.

Exhibit A:
This Is A Video Response To R. Kelly (feat. Usher) - "Same Girl"
In featured link, posted July 30, they say: "We're not posting Mimi & Flo's shot-for-shot parody of R. Kelly & Usher's "Same Girl", "Same Dude", just because white artists covering black artists is one of blogging's less decorative evergreens, or to start a thread about Usher's U-Turn. No, we're posting it because Mimi & Flo's video is the kind of parody that is genuinely funny even if you haven't seen the original."
Uh...what did that first statement have to do with anything? It would've been A-OK if they just posted that shit without the "white/black" bullshit. The emphasis on the fact that homegirls were white was ignorant as hell, and should've instead focused on the fact that they parodied a video that was already a parody.

I checked the site again today and I see this:
Kanye West's Most Miscegenist Interview Ever!
First of all, that headline. Second of all, they post West's interview with Spin, where he talks about Graduation being his blackest album to date, talking about how he loves eating "black" food, specifically chicken, and saying how he loved Michael Jackson because, duh, he's black! But of course, to Stereogum's dismay, they say: "Jackson might've been on 'Ye's radar, but he didn't do Mr. Collapsible Nose any favors with that bland-ass "Billy Jean" "remix." In the interview he goes on to revisit his beef with MTV, who likes Justin Timberlake better 'cause he's white, yadda yadda .... Hey, Grammy people, please award this dude something, so he can stop with this shtick."

Yes, Kanye's arrogant; yes, he talks about the things he's able to buy now that he's rich and famous; yes, he brags about lots of things. But his lyrics, especially with this album, are actually substantial. He's just putting on this "shtick" out of fun. Diddy and 50 Cent did the same shit. Most of these mainstream rappers are, in fact, mainstream because of that persona. But because Kanye was actually raised middle class and boasts a, granted, short-lived college education who had a college professor mother, the white liberal indie market wanted him to talk about broad topics and not mention the fact that he's still a black man. And the fact that he talks about serious shit in an educated manner, the so-called white indie liberals get scared.

Ooooh, I said it. That's all black people think about, how white people are always trying to slight them. WRONG.

In honesty, young black American cats are just trying to do what most of America is trying to do: get that education, make that money, and do things their way. That is all. So just because they express it in a different manner, that's their business. I just think it's ridiculous how instead of trying to see where someone like Kanye is coming from, the so-called indie liberals automatically jump to the conclusion that he's just trying to make it a white-black world, when he's just trying to open people's eyes and explain where he's coming from. If it was someone like Ellen DeGeneres talking about being a lesbian in America, I really doubt it would be interpreted as a her wanting to make it a gay-straight debate.

This is why I steer away from the hipster culture because of silly shit like this. It was already bad enough the New York Times created the term "blipster" (take a wild guess) in January.

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club sandwich said...

reading that post about the cover song, i feel like it's saying "this is not part of that lame 'what if i cover a rap song, but do it at a country club?' trend that was worn out by the time the video was made."