19 December 2007

Free shows can be a bust.

Remember how excited I was about seeing Slick Rick tonight? And blabbed about how he's my favorite MC and that I was gonna be honored to see him for free?

Fuck that.

I kinda had a funny feeling about it because it wasn't advertised ANYWHERE--I mean, I understand you want it to reach a limited audience, but it needs to be known by more people, goddam. So I go there at around 7ish because I expected a bigger crowd and I was under the impression that the doors opened at 9:30--something I learned the hard way while waiting out in that goddam cold.

So I got over it. Love ya, Slick baby, but mama's got other things to do than sitting out in the cold only to be pissed off by a poorly-planned free show. Hurts my heart. It truly does. He's a fucking legend and the event planners are pissing around like the moronic jackholes that they are. It only would've pissed me off more to stand in a small crowd.

But it's all good. Be inspired:

Be intrigued:

Be fresh:

One day, Ricky, one day. I hope next time you come through it's a concert you gotta chuck money to. I'll put in the big bucks.



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