15 December 2007

Nerds still have the Best Year Ever.

Speaking of not having a life: although Rehab won this year's honors for Best Year Ever, I say for the past, mmmm, three or four years have been the nerds having the Best Year Ever. All the cool kids are going to rehab and jail, but the nerds still come out on top. Hell, they were even this year's biggest muckrakers with the still-ongoing writers' strike. It's like, you can try to take our dignity, love interests and lunch, but we'll be damned if you try to take our royalties check, too. Certainly not the business here.

Whenever I watch Best Week Ever and still not know who the hell these people are, I realize something: my calling is in the comedic circus. I should be among these nameless faces and still be thanklessly respected. I know, strange.

In related news:
VH1 is going back to the list format and unveiling the 90s' 100 best songs starting next Monday (even though Stereogum already posted the list two days ago). But if you're like me, you'll still watch the thing. I mean, how can you resist ignoring comical commentary from aforementioned nameless faces? The VH1 Classic channel is also unleashing its own week-long special called 7 Ages of Rock, which means they'll give credit to a bunch of hairy white dudes who actually did nothing more than copying off the actual pioneers.

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