01 December 2007

Freaked out: Jesus Camp

Definitely one of the scarier movies I've seen in a long time, mainly because it's REAL LIFE. Using kids as religious radical evangelists? Allowing your kid to have a rat trail (pictured in orange shirt)? Having 10-year-olds with "LIFE" taped to their mouths in front of the White House?

What the hell are these people thinking? Luckily, warped-minded minister Becky Fischer, the leader of the "Jesus Camps", got a lot of backlash after the film was released, and her pathetic camps are shut down (when you force kids to speak in tongues and lose sight of their identities, you're pretty pathetic and evil in my book).

It's a good documentary because it's centered around Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation in 2006 and the panic it has risen in the fundamentalist Christian community because they didn't want a liberal in the black robes. And, of course, abortion is brought up, as well as Harry Potter being the devil.

Guaranteed to blow yer mind, anytime. Yeesh.

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