28 December 2007

Why is Al B. Sure singing the same hook from '88?

Over the holidays, my brother-in-law and I were watching VH1 Soul music videos and we caught this here gem featured above. Duo Live is featuring Al B. Sure and Fabolous for his song "Princess," and needless to say, it's lame as fuck. But to top it off, Al B. Sure is basically featured in the video, because all that Negro is doing is miming in the video. As my b-i-l put it, "You got an updated look, all up in the video, but you singing the same hook."

And I was like, wait....damn...that's right! Duo Live straight sampled that shit exactly, and Al B. Sure didn't even want to do a switcheroo or something, damn.

Eh. I never liked Al B. Sure's music anyway.

p.s. I spent about 87 percent of my time over the holidays watching music videos, specifically VH1 Soul because they tend to show '90s R&B hits and VH1 Classic because they show '60s and '90s rock hits.

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