10 December 2007

The Cool Kids put a smile on my face.

I'm excited about the fact that 2008's No. 1 buzz band will be The Cool Kids. Opening for "controversial"* style queen M.I.A. this year didn't hurt their reputation either.

So you can only imagine my elation when I saw them dominate on a Rhapsody commercial. Say what you will about musicians putting their music or appearing in commercials to promote their stuff. It doesn't hurt to get that extra recognition, especially when independent music is becoming marketable these days (i.e. Neon Bible debuting at #2 on the Billboard 200 Charts). Instead of being selling out, it should be an accomplishment.

Still hungry for more info on Cool Kids? Here's the video that started the craze:

Sick beat? Check.
Sick rhymes? Check.
Sick fashion? Check.

The Cool Kids on Myspace

*"Controversial" my ass.

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