21 December 2007

On a lighter note: Leslie Feist rules.

Even though I was spinning Let It Die something fierce in the last two years before The Reminder came out in May, I honestly did not think that "1 2 3 4" would turn her into this music goddess. I mean, people really dug this chick in Oh-Seven. I remember playing Let It Die as much as I could whenever I had people over and get them into her. I remember persuading folks to go see her perform in a different city and they would leave the show claiming their love for her.

But now there's no need to push her music or to promote her shows anymore. iPod did that shit for her. She's pretty much set for life. She can lend the rest of her Broken Social Scene kids some money and have them set for life. Well, maybe not, but I dunno. This year was her year as far as indie music goes. She was the Beyoncé of indie rock. And I can honestly see her owning that shit. We may see her in films and shit. She may start her own clothing line. She may have some kicks on the way. You name it, she'll own it.

I'm just really happy for her because I am a huge fan of hers. The Reminder was a really solid album and I'm glad she remained comfortable in her musical skin. Her performances are outstanding, her voice is soothing, her lyrics are impeccable--she, in general, is a bona fide bad bitch.

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Fly Ty said...

I'm gonna get her to perform for my wedding...lol