12 December 2007

I miss: Erykah Badu. Real bad.

She really pleased us with her debut Baduizm and made us laugh with "Tyrone" off her Live album, but when she came out with Mama's Gun in 2000, it was lights out for those who weren't ready for her thoughts on everything--deadbeats too complacent with jail life, overcoming struggles, loneliness, heartbreak, love, despair, accomplishment, female competition...the whole nine. She was taking part in a very small yet powerful trend in the Year 2000 where bands and musicians were putting out their masterpieces. But that's gonna be another entry.

Whenever I dust off Mama's Gun, I have the same question: Where, oh where, is my E. Badu? She is probably the only female artist I can truly relate to, for she is an empowered black female who wants to do everything she can to encourage black artistry and to keep her culture rich.

That's why I am eager for her comeback. Her voice needs to be heard, and I hope she survives the current white-washing in black music today (Common, keep fighting that black hole, brother!). Her EP in 2003 didn't do it for me (though I will say "Back in the Day" is the business), but it's definitely unfair for me to even criticize because I know how it feels to have writer's block. At least she put out something. I'm still waiting to hear from Bilal's 2006 shelved album, Love For Sale. And where the hell is Maxwell?

I digress.

In short, Erykah Badu is great and I am more than thrilled to hear her upcoming album, Nu AmErykah, set to be released Feb. 26.

New track:
Erykah Badu - Honey

And this will always be one of my favorite videos of all-time:
Erykah Badu - Next Lifetime

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