27 December 2007

I'm officially disturbed.

I know I'm an entertainment blogger and all, but I really couldn't resist when I heard about Benazir Bhutto's assassination this morning. Why is it that people who want to make a difference in an extremist state (that includes the United States) have to be killed in this sick, sad world? Honestly, this is exactly why I don't watch CNN and MSNBC and CNBC and C-Span and read up on international affairs as often as I read arts and entertainment blogs. Who the hell are these people threatening, anyway?

But for those who lay their lives out on the lines and really do care for people get shit on constantly, and I can't bear to see that shit happen on a regular basis. It's upsetting as hell. I lose faith in humanity, want to become an anarchist and just get really depressed because I know there ain't a goddam thing in the world that could make us live in a happier, freer, diplomatic society.

You want to make a change? Cool. Just be aware of the fact that your life will be in danger for the rest of your life, unless, of course, you're an evangelical.

Since the 2008 presidential race, I've heard two things: "We're not ready for a woman president;" and "We're not ready for a black president." Are.You.Fucking.Kidding.Me?

It's 2008! We should be past this!

It's more like, "We're not ready to have another asshole president."

Ahhhh...lemme stop now before it gets ugly.


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