11 December 2007

Fat is the new homo.

Image courtesy of The Superficial

If you haven't seen this damn pic already, then seeing it now will change your life for some of you may have thought your teenage crush has died. Well, folks, Jennifer Love Hewitt is apparently alive and apparently she's pissed about this here photo because people have started calling her--wait for it--fat. When the photos were released a little under two weeks ago, it started this whole rampage of who's fat and who's not. A bunch of random celebrities that bores me talked about it, then bored me some more. Then we moved on.

Until, of course, Janice Dickinson decides to relive the two-week old "snooze" on The Today Show today. She backs her, which is nice, but then goes on to say, "You want to see who's fat? I'm sorry, Tyra, Tyra Banks is fat."

So not only does Janice bring up a story that was already blown out of proportion, but the twat brings up the Tyra nonsense that happened in the very beginning of this year. And to make it worse, Tyra's gonna yap her annoying jowls and it's gonna be a ridiculous bickerfest between former model idiots.

It seems like the word "fat" will be a new discriminatory slur that will start causing people to lose their jobs.

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