14 December 2007

Things I realize when I'm older: Green Eggs and Ham is about drug dealing.

I've always loved this book, and is still one of my favorites, but after spending a lazy Friday with ABC Family (damn, it seems like I'm on a Disney kick here) watching famous Dr. Seuss books such as The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham in animation form, I was really in a haze. I mean, could the shorts BE any trippier?

And then it hit me: Green Eggs and Ham isn't about trying green eggs and green ham. Sam I Am is simply a drug dealer pushing his new product: LSD. As soon as the homeboy who was never named took a bite of the goodies, his eyes starts twirling around and he gets all excited and thanks Sam I Am for relentlessly offering it to him.

Obviously enough, Sam I Am is homebody's new best friend. Sam I Am=Frank Lucas.

Oh, the epiphanies you have as an adult about shit you loved during your childhood. I love it. That, and I have no life.


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