19 December 2007

I have to do it, folks: Beyoncé rules.

If you watch closely, you'll soon figure out that I am always rooting for solo artists who know how to groove. I'm a groover, and I like seeing others groove, whether it's onscreen or onstage, I'm there. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez--I'm there. I wish dancing would be taken more seriously, dammit.

With that said, I have to give major kudos to Beyoncé. Either I'm secretly a gay black dude or I really have joined the Beyoncé fan club. When I saw her performance on the BET Awards (pictured above), I knew the rest of 2007 was gonna be history. If that heifer didn't take over this Oh-Seven, then I'm blind and lost about life. She was everywhere. Couldn't escape her. And honestly, you couldn't hate her, unless, of course, you're a hater.

She has grown over the course of 10 years since we first saw her as the girl taking over a quartet R&B group called Destiny's Child from Houston. People thought she was a bitch; she was rude, obnoxious, and worst, stupid as hell. At least, that's what she wanted us to believe, because when I saw her on Dreamgirls, I was actually surprised and realized that she wasn't a 'tard like I always thought she was.

Then she breaks out of the group, becomes a solo artist, starts merging into the Hollywood scene, makes platinum albums, makes and funds videos for every song on her album because the record label wouldn't back her, sells out tours, become the first non-model on Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition, signs mad endorsements, doesn't succumb to the the white black hole sucking away R&B and hip-hop artists--unstoppable.

In the midst of all the crazy rich girls gone mad this year, Beyoncé was definitely targeted to join the list of faltering R&B artists like Lauryn Hill and Whitney Houston. People had their doubts, and rightly so, and to be able to overcome all the madness and still be on top is beyond impressive to me.

Not gonna lie, wasn't too crazy about Beyoncé until this year. And have y'all seen her live performance on DVD? She does not fuck around, ever. She is so damn fierce with her performances that it's amazing to me that she's still able to function regularly. It's like she's a totally different person! And unlike those other female solo artists who can groove I listed previously, she actually can hold a tune. And that's a--dare I say?--good look.

Music Videos - Get Me Bodied
If there's one thing I'm happy about, it's artists coming back with the instructional dance moves.

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