10 December 2007

I'm ready for Juno to come out now.

Apparently this movie comes out Dec. 21. I don't know if my mundane life can handle waiting another 11 days in order to get some excitement going here. Oh, wellz.

I have a feeling that this movie will be my fave of the year. I'm not sure. My list was quite small and selective. Unfortunately, I left off quite a few good to great flicks due to the fact that I'm really slow when it comes to movies. I forget that movie houses don't hold films in their theaters too long, and by the time I'm interested in seeing the damn thing, it's already gone.

I don't know. I guess I've become less excited about movies coming out lately due to the rapid DVD releases. I mean, I enjoy being able to wait 'til it hits DVD, but at the same time, that mentality makes me not want to go to a movie. It kills my motivation, man.

Nevertheless, I will be eager to purchase my ticket to see this baby:

I just want to say that I'm so glad that Jason Bateman and Michael Cera are getting really good roles ever since they were brutally violated by Fox when they decided to cancel Arrested Development (which is ironic because Fox Searchlight released Juno). It's a match-up between two child stars of different generations. How astute.

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