06 December 2007

The obligatory Grammy nominations entry.

James Murphy's Sound of Silver is up for Best Electronic/Dance Album

So the Grammy nominations are out. Kanye West's Graduation and Amy Winehouse's Back to Black are the hot topics this year. West got eight nominations, Winehouse six. In the best album field, they are joined by the prestigious company of Vince Gill, Foo Fighters and Herbie Hancock and Co. (actually, this one's actually pretty prestigious; the others were just jokes).

I thought about continuing with this entry, but I was actually straining to talk about something. I never really respected the Grammy's as an award outlet, and it seems like that feeling is universal. No one really cares about the Grammy's, yet it's going on its 50th year. It'd actually be nice for the Grammy's to not be predictable for once--I mean, really, guys, it's pretty obvious that those who performs on stage are guaranteed winners.

The sad thing is the best award show for artists these days is the non-televised Plug Awards.

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