04 January 2008

Was DMX ever taken seriously?

I mean, he was a 5'4" thug who barked like a Pomeranian in his songs. How could that have possibly been something to consider in a serious manner? And now he plans on doing a double album--one hip-hop, one gospel hip-hop.

Say what?


In other news:

This is the best plugging for a show in TV history, all 10 seconds of it (that's excluding the full minute of TV listings). First: Who the fuck is Twyla? Second: Are we really supposed to be watching a motivational TV show hosted by Mason Betha? Third: What happened with G-Unit? And fourth: Why have I watched this non-stop? Because this is entertaining to me!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

why did i literally lol at "barked like a pomeranian"?