23 January 2008

Steve Zahn, you're back!

I've been wondering where Steve Zahn was since National Security came out in 2003. I didn't watch that travesty of a film mainly because I wanted to continue to respect Zahn as an artist. The guy pretty much was Jack Black before Jack Black was Jack Black (redundancy is sexy), but when they actually co-starred in 2001's underrated comedy Saving Silverman, Black's career took off while Zahn's took a step behind. Actually, I take that back--he did have that Oscar-worthy, or at least Golden Globe-worthy, performance as the irresponsible drug addict boyfriend/deadbeat father in Riding in Cars with Boys (another underrated film). Boy, did he kill that role. I'm surprised he didn't get more good role offers.

But 2008 looks like a nice comeback year for Brother Zahn. He was nominated for IFC's Spirit Awards for his supporting role in Rescue Dawn; and then you got Strange Wilderness coming out next Friday, which looks like a nice laugher, as well as a few more projects coming out later this year.


In related news, remember Rob Brown, the homeboy who was most notably Sean Connery's BFF in Finding Forrester? Yeah, I'm also surprised his career didn't take off as fast as it could've, but then again, he was pretty young at the time. Anyway, it looks like this year he may have nabbed a good role in a possibly good movie titled Stop Loss, directed by Kimberly Peirce of Boys Don't Cry fame.

It's good to see some familiar faces getting on the acting market.


Leigh said...

um, love him.

don't lie, though. rescue dawn sucked balls.

Amber said...

meh, didn't see it because wasn't intrigued. that's too bad, though, because christian bale's another brother i adore.