23 January 2008

Video vault: Joe's "All The Things (Your Man Won't Do)

A sheer classic, soulful R&B song from a sheer, classic brother named Joe. Lemme tell ya--I am a Joe fanatic. I mean, I was with him before he went bald and sported the high-top S-Curl fade circa 1993 when "All or Nothing" came through the airwaves. He's such an underrated talent. It's crazy because he had super hits in the 90s, especially karaoke favorite "I Wanna Know," but he never got the big head and kept doing his thing. I love you always, Joe. Always.

Don't Wanna Be a Player
The Love Scene (I still say the quote "'69 was a very good year, if you know what I mean, my dear")
Treat Her Like A Lady
More & More

1 comment:

w. said...

is this one of those songs that we listen to after we bone and you grease my hair down?