16 January 2008

Allright. Enough is Enough.

Who the hell's that blonde sans bra you ask? Why it's former Playmate Jillian Grace, age 22. She's pregnant, and allegedly David Spade's the father. Yes, that David Spade.


What's been going on in the past two years is a really poor attempt to re-create The Baby Boomer generation. I mean, are these female celebs' husbands/boyfriends/lovers coming back home from the war or some shit? Is this the only way to make a woman in the entertainment industry the talk of the town again?

No one knew who the hell this kid was (unless, of course, you're an avid reader of Playboy magazine) until this mess. I mean, if you aren't talking about Britney Spears, you're talking about another woman getting preggers, i.e. Nicole Kidman, Lily Allen, Jessica Alba, Matthew McConaughey's new lady, Halle Barry, Britney's 10-year-old sis, yada.

Then you got news of Christina Aguilera and Nicole Ritchie having babies on the same day. What the hell, is this mating season? It's like, "Well, since adopting babies from Africa has gone out of style, I guess I should use my own uterus to bring life into this world, even if I'm not ready for motherhood, but, hey, it'll boost my star ratings."

Man, our culture is slipping.

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