23 January 2008

Hey, Diddy, how about I call you "Irrelevant"?

Oh, my bad...I mean, "Sean John." Because you just keep wanting us to call you different bullshit names that no one really gives a damn about. C'mon, dude. Look at the above picture. It's all you ever had, man. Yes, you boosted Father MC's career who subsequently boosted Mary J. Blige's and Jodeci's career, but frankly, Biggie was all you had. Lil Kim and Junior M.A.F.I.A. were, too, the shit, but once again, that circles around Biggie.

I don't even wanna bring up Dream. Or how you only signed the super intelligent and talented Shyne because he was a skinny dude with a big--or shall I say, "Biggie"--voice, and then ditched the homeboy after he took the fall for your triflin' ass. And Makin' Da Band? 'Scuse me--I mean, D-A, B-A, N DDDDDDDD. I mean, really? OK, not gonna lie--that show with Babs and Chopper City and Sarah and crew was hilarious.

Remember when he hosted the 2005 VMAs and he did a tribute to Biggie, and it was a sure sign that he just ain't shit without him? Lame.

Don't get me wrong--I am always supportive of people being successful and doing their own thing, but honestly, Sean"Puffy"CombsPuffyPuffDaddyP-DiddyDiddySeanJohn is just too ridiculous.

Stop making me yawn, brother.

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