22 January 2008

On a lighter note: I'll feed you, Angus Andrew.

Eh, actually, it's still a pretty downer note, but Angus, thankfully, is still alive. His back, however, is a different story. According to Pitchfork, via their Myspace blog, the 6'6 sexy Aussie blew out his back by bending over the couch to fetch a pillow.

As one of the Liars homies said, they tour in a week and Andrew can't even feed himself. Yeah, and their shows are pretty intense. I'd hate to see them postpone their shows, but I'd really hate to see Andrew try to keep up the Liars' reputation on putting on an intense show with a blown back. I mean, I'd love for him to bounce back within a week so they could continue with the tour, but goddam, he needs to nurse that shit.

Hey, man, if you need a nurse I'd be the gal for you. I'd even assist you in the shower. I know, I'm very considerate.

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