11 January 2008

Ugly Betty is for real women.

Photo courtesy of Ron Tom/ABC

Well, last night's fresh episode of Ugly Betty was something. It reminded me exactly why I hold all bets off between the one-hour slot of 8-9p.m. EST on Thursday nights, because the shit is that damn good.

Throughout the two seasons of the show, the topic of weight is always mentioned, but there's never anything done about it. So Betty Suarez, the ever-ambitious woman that she is, finally puts her foot down and says, "Listen, dammit, I'm happy with my weight and there are other women who are too, so why can't we showcase the real women who have curves (point)?" Yep, she said all that verbatim.

Anyhow, it really touched me, because as I said before, people talk about the same shit all the time--either a woman's too fat or too skinny, but of course, there's a time where a magazine puts the token "beautiful fat woman" on the cover that boasts that she's "Plus-sized and loving it!" Do you really need to point out the fact that she loves to eat and has big hips and thighs and tits and ass to show that, in spite of all those flaws, she loves herself? Why is that so impressive? That's like saying, "For once, there's a woman who's actually content with how she looks!" Yeah, let's congratulate someone who's doing what they're supposed to do if they want to live a happy, fulfilling life. Makes no sense to me.

Anyway, it was a great episode because Betty felt the need to put this show on because she wanted to show the young teenage girls whom she was giving a tour of Mode for earlier that day, and she saw how the girls were saying they didn't want to eat lunch like the Mode models because they wanted to look thin and emaciated like them "oh-so-badly." She couldn't stand to see such a negative influence on the girls, which sparks her "real woman" idea.

Unfortunately, no matter how repetitious people can be about the unfairness of women dealing with the battle against the media and their body image, the cruelty will continue. Honestly, the only way this could end is if women would fight against it and start realizing how wonderful they are no matter what size they are, because the real indicator of greatness is confidence in ourselves. That's all it takes, kids. Allright, the motivational speech portion of this entry is finito.


In other Ugly Betty news:
Although it's been super-obvious since mid-Season One, it's definitely getting clearer and clearer each episode: Daniel Meade totally wants Betty. Betty admires him because she sees the good in him and values their friendship, and Daniel is falling for her because of that. I mean, she is the only person in his life who's supported him morally and challenges his intelligence. And besides, the only reason why he was anti- her getting back together with Henry is because he wanted a shot with her.

That, or, this is the first real platonic relationship between a heterosexual male and female ever put onscreen, which is also incredibly possible. Which means my long-winded theory above is void.

Questions to ask until the next episode:
Do you really believe Gene Simmons is Amanda father? That'd make for a juicy sub-plot, that's for damn sure.

Do you really believe Christina's gonna carry Bradford Meade's sperm that's inside of Wilhemina's eggs in order to receive the $100,000 she needs in order to save her husband from dying of liver cancer?

Why is David Blue who plays Cliff (Marc's boyfriend) in a Subway commercial? Eh, well, hey money is money. But I'd really like to see more lines from him because he's a good'un.

Will Wilhemina give it up? Actually, don't. You make the show really, really interesting.

When did Rebecca Romijn get so damn curvy? There's a back shot of her in the scene where she announces the "real women" models pitch to the press, and I just can't recall ever noticing her nice, firm ass and well-toned calves. OK, you got me--I got a female crush on her.

And why was it hot when Henry told Betty over the walkie-talkie that she should come over later and play with his black dragon, and even hotter when Daniel said, "Guys, we can all hear you on the radio!"?

Be sure to tune in next week, because it's looking scandalicious (whoa, did I just say...yikes):


Jennifer said...

ok, how much did you love the lil' betty in the oversized t-shirt that appeared to daniel when betty was talking to him? hello, me.

Amber said...

you said it. i loved this episode and can i say how much i cannot WAIT 'til thursday with this episode? too bad next thursday will be the end of the show. :(