31 January 2008

Fashion ads circa Fall 2005: Chloé


So here's the thing. I became an Interview magazine subscriber four years ago (after falling in love with it four years prior to that) and while I love the concept of celebrities interviewing their celeb friends, as well as living up to being the "Crystal Ball of Pop!," what I love most about it are the fashion ads and photo spreads. They have the most flattering photo shoots for the interviewees as well as nabbing the sexiest, artsiest fashion advertisements.

Anyway, so I'd tear out pages of Interview with pictures of a fun pic of Anthony Hamilton, an adorable pic of Amanda Peet, a hot pic of their mafia spread, yada, as well as sleek ads and post them on my wall. It was all the rage back in college; I kinda slipped a little bit, even though I still have the same level of fascination.

The above picture is possibly my all-time favorite ad I've ever seen. It's an ad that actually has something to do with the product: she's not half-naked, she doesn't have her pubes shaped like the "G" for Gucci, the focus isn't on her rail thin body. The focus is actually on the big, sexy Chloé bag, with the model out of focus as a silhouette. And as far as photography goes, it's wonderful because even though her face is hidden by the sun, you can tell she's feeling good about life just by looking at her body language: right arm swaying along with the wind that is blowing through her curly hair, wearing a carefree white skirt, which is "ballsy" because she's wearing white for a Fall campaign--gasp!

I'm so glad I found this online, because I threw out most of my pictures and posters when I was moving out of my apartment in college to move to Atlanta. I missed it.

Needless to say, I love this ad.

If you're a fashion ad nerd like me, check out Jozworld. It'll blow yer mind.

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