25 January 2008

I need new shoes like the media needs new sources on Heath Ledger.

Your first thought when seeing these shoes are, "Yikes. Is she serious?" And my reply to your initial thoughts would be, "You goddam right." Look at them! They're perfect! Since I first laid my eyes on them, I have envisioned them to be the perfect shoes to wear with nice, springy skirts or really short shorts. I even have a name for them. I love them, and they come out Feb. 1.

And because I can never have too many track jackets:

Oh, spring...how I long for thee.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Well, I certainly didn't say "Is she serious?" I said, "What are they and where can I get them?" That is why it's meant to be.

And I can't scroll down because I haven't seen Ugly Betty yet!