24 January 2008

OK, Wolf Parade--now I believe.

So it's official that the Montreal-based quartet is releasing their second full length album in the spring, and it's gonna be titled Pardon My Blues. Sounds sexy. Here's an excerpt from Blender:
What's the Deal: Two of these four Montreal oddball rockers released side-project albums in 2007 (Sunset Rubdown’s Random Spirit Lover and the Handsome Furs’ Plague Park), but the separation brought them closer. Says singer-guitarist Dan Boeckner: “There’s more Marxist collective-style collaboration on this one.”

Why It's Better Than Their Last One: It’s definitely crazier, promises Boeckner, who says weeks of isolation made his band like a “man who lives in a cabin in the woods penning letters to God with dirt and tree sap.” To wit: the extended psych-jam “Crazy Horse,” which Boeckner describes as “a 12-minute song that sounds vaguely like Slayer.”

The Haters Will Say: “Um, that there’s a 12-minute song that sounds vaguely like Slayer?” Boeckner says.
Though at first I was annoyed that they took forever to put this one out, because it was slated to come out at the end of 2007, but then I realized that Dan Boeckner did a side project with Handsome Furs (which I need to get into, pronto), as well as Spencer Krug pulling out three albums on the side within a year: two with Sunset Rubdown and one with super-duper group Swan Lake with Destroyer's and New Pornos' Dan Bejar and Frog Eyes' Carey Mercer. So it's beyond understandable why this album needed some extra time.

Either way, I'm ready, baby.

Sneak listen:
Wolf Parade - Crazy Horse

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