17 January 2008

Attention, Atlanta showgoers: Greg Connors, 1.18 @ Kavarna

I want to make sure this is fresh in yer brains when I promote this show, which is tomorrow at 9 p.m., located right in the heart of the Oakhurst district in Decatur at Kavarna. It's a really groovy place for people who wants to have yummy tapas and listen to some smooth singer-songwriters in an intimate spot.

About Greg Connors:
Connors released his latest album, Here, There and Anymore in 2006 and was produced by indie outcast singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur, a frequent collaborator for Connors.

My thoughts:
I've seen the guy and own the album and I'll say, it's pretty solid. I know I mention this damn guy a lot, but I get a sense of David Berman of the Silver Jews mixed with Stephen Malkmus and a dabble of Pixies' Frank Black. (Sidebar: So I've come to the conclusion that David Berman is a genius.) Listening to Connors' voice makes me sad that he didn't make the cut during the heyday of the '90s indie movement, but glad to know that something that wonderful is still being put out in the 21st century. His songs are filled with irony, cynicism and a little bit of angst--not the type of angst you grew up listening to as a kid during punk revolution, but more so the angst you have as the former punk who now realizes he lives in a different era and has to own up to his responsibilities as an adult. A nostalgic angst, if you will. And honestly, I can relate to the latter more than anything.

In short--go see him live. Or at least give the brother a listen:
Greg Connors @ Myspace

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