24 January 2008

Oh, El Perro Del Mar.

How you impress me so. Basically, I should just do an illustrated post about all the upcoming releases I'm stoked about, but then I wouldn't have much room to elaborate my excitement. If you haven't gotten into the Swedish retro pop sensation that is El Perro Del Mar (aka Sarah Assbring), then I suggest you do so. After I publish this post, I want to hear stories from readers telling me how she warmed your soul like chicken soup.

Her 2006 self-titled full length debut was one of my honorable mentioned faves, mainly because I really dug what I heard, but I know she has plenty of room to grow. Well, listening to her new track off her second LP, From the Valley to the Stars, has already convinced me that she has definitely matured. The album is set to be released on Feb. 27 in Scandinavia, April 22 in the U.S.

To listen to her first single, "How Did We Forget?", go here. It should be the first track playing.

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Leigh said...

hahaha. assbring.