02 January 2008

Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger give me something to look forward to in life.

So I decided the best way to convey my new list of goals to reach for this here new year is to do a photo/video blog of The Fiery Furnaces. If my life is anything similar to living in their wonderfully vivid, imaginative world, then everything's A-OK.

What are they talking about? Maybe about something intellectual; maybe about something spiritual; maybe about a certain episode of Family Guy. Who knows, but whatever it is, I'd love to have a conversation so enthralling as theirs.

Where are they going? It looks like they're about to go to an abandoned house and conjure up ideas for another concept album. I aspire to be as creative.

They're probably on their way out to the Greek Restaurant in the Ukrainian Village in Chicago to clear their heads before they put on a mind-numbing performance later. Blowing people's minds with art is a splendid thing.

Being multi-faceted is very important if you want to succeed in the arts world. It's good to keep options open.

Although you can barely hear Eleanor vocals during their live performances due to the rock fury of the traveling band, she still puts in 110 percent. And if you've never seen 'em live, my heart goes out to you for going that long without filling that void. You're talking about a spazfest of 89 songs compacted into a one hour and a half long show. Having a lot of energy is a great feeling.

Can my life be this sunny and bright and carefree everyday? Please?

I really respect Fiery Furnaces. They're the indie rock lyrical equivalent to Lil Wayne with their clever wordplay in order to make verses rhyme. That amazes me. But I also respect them because they truly do whatever they want, even if that means they'll have to scramble to find record labels to support 'em (they've gone through three in the last five years). Their music is inaccessible as fuck, but boy, they keep it moving, because you know they were that sibling duo that people made fun of on the block. For Show and Tell, they probably brought in a homeless man to depict the harsh realities of life to their fellow 7-year-olds.

In short, Eleanor and Matthew are good, smart people.

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Leigh said...

i'm trying to grow my hair out and she is totally my inspiration.