07 January 2008

Beck, you always know how to warm my soul.

It's so beautiful outside here in A-town (68 degrees!), which shouldn't be anymore proof needed that there's a such thing as the big G.W. those pesky kids in the Red land are always dismissing as truth. But I digress.

I'm one of those music lovers who associates a song or an album or a video with everything that provides a strong memory, i.e. lovely spring or fall weather, good food, yada. As I walked outside today I had this rush of great feeling inside of me and I decided to listen to Beck's Guero, specifically "Missing" followed by "Earthquake Weather," unleashing some happy times in association with that song. It reminds me back in college when I'd be walking home from a long day of classes and digging out stewie to listen to some music to soothe my nerves. And all was good with the world, and my day, or possibly week, is set.

Thank you, Mr. Hansen.

Beck - Missing


Leigh said...

probably my all-time favorite song of his.


w. said...

did we have a dance for this song? i can't remember.

Amber said...

of course we did. we had a dance for everything good.