14 January 2008

Subconscious mind: I think I'm falling for Zac Efron.

OK, not really, but I had this really surreal (obviously) dream about him. We were BFFs and he was still dating Vanessa Hudgens and I was like, "Hey, Zac, thanks for coming over to spend the night. I have something I want to tell you." And alluvasudden I spilled out how I cannot stand Vanessa and alluded the last time I hung out with 'em both and how she lashed out in front of him over something stupid and I said how she wasn't the right girl for him and he said, "Really? Well, who do you think is right for me?" And instead of saying something, I just kissed him.

And the only conclusion I came to about this dream as I woke up this morning was: I should never in my life wake up to Nickelodeon (watching Fairly Odd Parents, a very underrated show) and fall asleep to it (watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air marathons, a ritual I do every night, which should probably cease if I continue to have dreams about teenyboppers).


Leigh said...

dude, no. the kid wears foundation and probably takes longer to get ready than both of us combined. back away from the tween star, no matter how enticing he may be.

Amber said...

oh camman. have more faith in me. though he does have a nice happy trail.