28 January 2008

Destroy me, Dan Bejar, destroy me all night long.

This is the 50th installment of my posts about upcoming releases I'm ecstatic about, and Destroyer's Trouble In Dreams, due March 18 on Merge and Rough Trade Records. The album will look like this:

And I will look like this when he comes to The Earl April 28:

Because I will feel like I'm 3 years-old all over again and my only reactions would be me giggling uncontrollably and drooling occasionally.

I'm one of those music nerds who actually love a musician more when they have bad vocals. I could give you a laundry list of artists I love who have unconventional vocal styles, and Dan Bejar's included. I gravitate towards them because they know they aren't the best singers, but they still sing their asses off, to the point of sometimes straining their vocals, because they want to express themselves until they pop their veins. And I've learned that where they lack in supreme vocal capabilities, they make up for it with beautiful music and lyrics. I'll take the latter, please and thanks.

Destroyer - Foam Hands (via The Yellow Stereo)

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