25 January 2008

Farewell, Betty, farewell.

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What can I say? Saying I "love" Ugly Betty is quite an understatement. For one, Thursday nights between 8 and 9 p.m. were off limits. I watch this show like those who watch Rocky Horror Picture Show during the midnight show. I throw bananas at the screen when I dislike a scene; I cry when the characters cry; I gush whenever the characters gush; I even dressed up! Boy, I can go on and on, but my sanity is at stake.

So seeing the premature season finale of one of my favorite shows in history was pretty heartbreaking, but luckily, I was prepared for this for some time now. I have accepted the fact that I'll never see this show again. Well, until the next season rolls around. I can say this, though: I can relax now for I am no longer fanatical about it, until, of course, next season.

I'm actually surprised the show had a really good run like it did. I thought it was gonna be really affected by the strike and be just total shit, but it was the direct opposite. The last show could've been tweaked a little bit, but at the state the entertainment industry's in, that's apparently asking for a lot.

I've seen people in message boards comparing this show to Will & Grace where the supporting cast makes the show and that they're tired of Betty and Henry's "cute" relationship, especially when our last glimpse of them together is them singing Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two." But then I realize that during the modern TV age, we've only seen a chase between two people who actually love each other but something's always in the way. Joanie and Chachi. Ross and Rachel. Ed and Carol (anybody watch Ed?). Jake and Dylan (anybody watch Good Morning Miami?). Pam and Jim. Gah, the list goes on and on and on and on and on until somebody gets bored watching these goddam love chases. Who has time for that? Why is that the only suspense of a sitcom?

That's why I love Ugly Betty because the love story is in the back-burner. They either conquered it or failed and continued to keep it moving. I guess people were hoping for Henry and Betty to have a meltdown and not be so "adorkable." It's like those people who believe that a relationship gets boring after you've got your guy or gal--it's the chase that brings them the adrenaline rush. Yawn. If I'm chasing somebody, I get real over it, real quick.

While I'm glad that Amanda finally discovers her father and that it is, in fact, Gene Simmons, I think the juiciest sub-plot is Christina eavesdropping any possible way she can to dig up the dirt on Wilhemina and her sister's, Rene, involvement with Daniel. That was the major cliffhanger that left not a single trace of clues as to what Rene could be keeping a secret as Willy warns her that he'll eventually find out who she "really is." Yowsah.

And Claire Meade starting a new magazine for mature woman called Hot Flash? Camman. Too classic.

I will say that I wish Alexis Meade's life would've played out more in the show, but with the show being cut in half, I'm sure they had something cooked up.

If anything, I'm definitely looking forward to a stronger comeback season in the fall, if everything works out with the strike. And seriously, it should. I'm getting bored of this dilly-dallying bullshit. Let's pay the chump change that the writers want and keep it moving, greedy studio execs. Damn.

Sidebar: Big ups to Caribou for lending their song "Melody Day" in the bar scene.

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