24 January 2008

Also back: Tapes 'n Tapes

Actually, it's not really a comeback, because taking a year and a half to work on another album after a very impressive debut album is quite standard. Apparently these Minneapolis cats are putting out an album titled Walk It Off, set to be released April 8 on XL. Super producer David Fridmann produced this new joint, which could mean that this album will sound absolutely, positively nothing like The Loon, because that's how Fridmann rolls, which is a good thing. I mean, who knew Sleater-Kinney could be so gritty and Sabbath-esque when they came out with The Woods in 2005? All the more reason to be eager for more TNT.

Check out their interview with Pitchfork here.

Listen (all from The Loon):
Tapes 'N Tapes - Cowbell
Tapes 'N Tapes - Omaha
Tapes 'n Tapes - Crazy Eights

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