05 January 2008

I love it when hip-hop and indie rock merges.

'Cos you end up with brilliance such as this. This was a perfect remix. One for the books. I wasn't too crazy about the album The Eraser, but the song of the same name, which is the song in this remix, is incredible enough to not disregard the entire album. And on top of that, it's like that Notorious B.I.G. "Sky's the Limit" video circa 1997. Have whatcha want, be whatcha waaaaaaaaant.

Um, anyway. You know, mix tapes were the shit back in the day and have obviously become obsolete, but I'm glad artists like Lil Wayne and Kayne are making waves with this old school phenomenon and bringing more widespread attention to it for those who really love music. Because mashups can be kinda stale at times.

However, here's a good example of an actual great, timeless mash-up from over a year ago:
Kryptonite vs. Cause=Time

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