13 February 2008

While we're on the subject:You own my soul, JH.

I've mentioned before that Jimi Hendrix, along with Isaac Brock as far as current musicians goes, is my all-time guy. My dude. My soul mate from another lifetime. Well, just about everything that is my favorite was done by him. My favorite song about life, favorite song about afterlife, favorite song about the stars, favorite song about drugs, favorite song about relationships, favorite song about love, etc.

So my favorite song to listen to that captures love so gently, perfectly, is "May This Be Love." One of my all-time favorite scenes from a movie is from Singles where Campbell Scott and Kyra Sedgewick are hanging out for the first time and they're going through Scott's records he collected during his DJ days and he puts on "May This Be Love" and Sedgewick goes, "Ohhhh, I LOVE this song!" And Scott looks at her as if he finally figured out what it feels like to be in love.

I know what you're thinking--for someone who embraces being single most of the time, I sure do talk about love so adoringly. Yeah, true. To be honest, I'm full of shit. Disregard everything I said in the previous post ('cept the part about Valentine's Day--I still think it's a crock of shit).


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