02 February 2008

Great songs, Vol. 2: "Stars Are Projectors," Modest Mouse.

Lemme just tell it to ya straight--Jimi Hendrix and Isaac Brock are compacted tightly into my heart valves, and that's because everything they have ever written has hit me there directly. I've done my fair share of trying to "open" people's eyes and forcing them to listen to their stuff, but it's no use, because there are certain bands you really cannot express how you feel about them with just words. Honestly, I've had drafts on this here blog to discuss the illustrated history of Hendrix and Modest Mouse, but I realized how hard it would be for me to do that, not to mention how long the damn entry would be.

So I've given up on that, and all I do is just mention them briefly, as in, play one song from 'em and then keep it moving.

Like so:

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