11 February 2008

Great Songs, Vol. 3: "Everyday," by Yo La Tengo

Whenever I express my love for YLT, I'm only speaking of them circa Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out. That album has some dream pop gems, including its intro track, "Everyday," one of the finest examples of experimental dream pop that actually isn't done by Stereolab.

This is the type of song you play in the background after you and your friends just got back from a crazy night of dancing and coming over to the crib to wind down and stay up until 7 a.m. talking. It's the kind of song that evokes trips to memory lane, remembering when you first heard this song and how it made you feel. Me, I first heard it Spring 2005 while walking to class and it was playing on my iPod. I literally stopped in my tracks and was thinking, "What the fuck is this song and why do I want to skip class just to listen to it all day?"

It's simply one of those songs, over six minutes of beauty.

Yo La Tengo - Everyday

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