13 February 2008

My thoughts are loud: I have been single every Valentine's Day.

I realized such a thought last night. And I must say, every year, that has been an interesting feat for me. I know, I know, everyone who is single or who isn't a typical female gripe about the lameness that is Valentine's Day, but frankly, I am really glad that I never had to deal with it. Not to say that I'll never have a bf during the holiday, just that I really find it odd that this is an actual holiday that people stress about. A dude at work today was talking about how he's stressed about it. Call me a natural single-ton, but that's just one thing I can't ever see myself stressing about.

But this is coming from someone who is a plant, or, in other words, asexual. Actually, no, wait...

Anyway, I will say I'm looking forward to Valentine's Day for once in my life. Liars are coming to town, and mama's got all the excitement in the world for 'em.


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