01 February 2008

The media makes good journalists look evil.

See that guy? It's Harvey Levin, aka Head Asshole at TMZ.com. I recall an interview ET or Inside Edition or some lame ass entertainment news show that talked about the rise of TMZ and how they differ from other entertainment news outlets because they actually practice journalism.

Being a journalist since I was 15, I was really intrigued that someone still used that word in a positive manner. So I'd read some of their stuff, watch some of their videos just for laughs. Because, honestly, that's what celebrity gossip blogs and magazines and Web sites are good for: providing us laughs.

But goddam, it's getting out of hand. The whole "Hurricane Britney" thing is killing me. It went from a few laughs to just downright exploitation with that kid. Then you got asshole "friend" Sam Lufti text messaging blogs to update what's going on with Britney and how he's the good guy in this whole thing. Gimme a break, moron--you're just as hungry as the rest of these douchebags out there who claim to be these celebrities' friends.

And, oh, don't even get me started on Entertainment Tonight. Seriously, ET--you paid $200,000 to get the video of Heath Ledger at a party doing drugs? Really? Thankfully, that shit didn't air, because why would you do that? And they were also the ones who aired the naked photos of Anna Nicole Smith with her face covered in vomit.

It's a goddam leechefest out there! You'd think they'd pay respects for those who died, so they can actually rest in peace, but nah.

It's getting out of hand here. Remember when Star and The National Inquirer were the only ways to get silly celebrity gossip? Now it's just out of hand. There are some sites that just focus on the news and say their funny bit, but the rest are just ruthless. The paparazzi epidemic just keeps spreading.

Oh, corporate greed. It's lovely.

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STOONE said...

Girl, I know. It's really becoming the battle of the crack-head ass beast!! I mean literally these people are foaming at the mouth for this shameless smut disguised as celebrity news. I'm just glad my career as a '90s R&B girl-group lead singer didn't work out. You know they would be ON MEEEEE!