16 February 2008

Liars with No Age, Feb. 14 @ The Earl

No Age:


So as some of you may know, I have been looking forward to this show since November. It was definitely the most anticipated show of the year for me. And boy, did it not disappoint.

It's been a while since I've gone to a show where I caught the opening act. I used to go to shows all the time just so I could see the opening act, but then I grew super elitist and was like, “Bah, who cares—the opening act is probably gonna suck anyway. New music just doesn't strike me anymore.” And now, I have gotten over that 12-month slump of thought and have reverted to my original passion of going to shows and enjoying the possibility of knowing a new act.

No Age certainly isn't a new act with the hip kids out there, but during my elitist stupor, I overlooked 'em. Fortunately, I was presented an opportunity to get to know who the hell these kids were about and freakin' loved 'em! They knocked me out the box (Rick)! First off, I didn't even know they were a duo making all that noise, and second, they were the perfect opening act for Liars. So, yeah, thank you, No Age for that.

And of course, Liars. Oh, Liars. LiarsLiarsLiars. Need I say more? I mean, seriously—need I? Need I elaborate on the state of happiness I was in as soon as I saw Angus Andrews walk onstage, dressed in a magenta suit? I literally became a little girl when I saw him. Giggles galore. Freakin' loved it. Starting out a show with “Leather Prowler” is too much to bear.

People were saying it was gonna be a “tame” Liars show because Andrews blew out his back a few weeks back before they kicked off their tour. So for the most part, he was sitting in a chair, but then he'd feel the moment and just WAMMO! Out the chair he goes and up the air he went, as if possessed by his own band's genius. I couldn't help but think, “Hmmm. So this is how the kids who were lucky to see Frank Zappa live felt.”

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