02 February 2008

Great songs, Vol. 1: "The Soft Parade," The Doors

Listening to this song brings me to near tears, because it makes me long for a knowledge of a great era that seemed so pure for artists. They just don't make songs like this anymore. Well, actually...Stereolab does plenty of songs like this. And Modest Mouse. And Do Make Say Think and Godspeed You Black Emperor!, just without words.

Anyway, "The Soft Parade" alone provided great leadership for for experimental musicians of today. Life would be much grander if songs were made like this on every album.

Note: The video has lyrics to the song, so have fun trying to decipher what Jim Morrison's talking about. There's "This is the best part of the trip/This is the trip, the best part," filled with various connotations, the most obvious about acid; then there's "All our lives we sweat and save/Building for a shallow grave"--oh, the truth about life!

Man. Stuff like this is priceless.

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