08 February 2008

I miss: Lauryn Hill

Still sick, still weak.*

Anyway, the pic above is an actual good recent photo of Lauryn, as opposed to those other ones where blogs are putting her on blast about her going crazy. Won't even dignify 'em by linking to the madness.

I miss her though. She just really hit rock bottom creatively, and from what I understand, personally, and I always sympathize with those who go through a rough time and struggle to overcome it, y'know? Damn. Just a sad scene. But it's OK, she'll come back real hard. Never lose the faith, girlfriend.

D'Angelo, that goes for you, too. Speaking of--Listen:

The "Closer I Get To You" of our generation.

*Speaking of madness, I'm a huge baby when it comes to being sick, so it's a big deal to me, thus me always feeling the need to disclaim such a fact. Also, because I'm delirious when I'm sick, not to mention being under the influence of Nighttime Robitussin. I wasted a lot of energy typing this long ass footnote. Dammit!

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