16 February 2008

Black Mountain with Blood on the Wall, Feb. 15 @ The Earl

Blood on the Wall

Black Mountain:


OK, so here's the thing: I am a fan of Black Mountain. Ever since their self-titled debut in 2005, I've been on 'em. I was even more stoked to hear that their first single, “Tyrants” off their newest album, In the Future, was an impeccable seven-plus minutes. Can't ever go wrong with that.

Honestly, after seeing Liars, I didn't think I'd have any leftover energy to see Black Mountain. It was one of those things where I rocked out so hard at the previous show that I wasn't expecting BM to impress me as much. I mean, Liars is one of my favorite bands. Just a terribly hard act to follow, y'know?

But I'll be damned if those Canadian summabitches surprised the shit out of me last night when I saw their performance. I knew it was gonna be good, correct; but I did not expect it to reach the level of brilliance. I mean, they rocked hard. It's been a while since I've been to a good ol' fashioned, straight-up rock show. It's refreshing, man, because anything that sounds remotely like classic rock is gonna be up my alley. Goddam. I felt like I was in a time warp to 1971, man. Prog rock lives on!

Also: Blood on the Wall had a solid performance. I couldn't help but think Pixies influence—with a dabble of The Vaselines influence—while listening to them.

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